What is IndiGo Corporate Fare?

If you’re a business owner or corporate traveler, you know that managing travel expenses is a crucial part of maintaining a healthy bottom line. That’s why IndiGo offers a Corporate Fare program designed to help companies save money on travel expenses.

What is IndiGo Corporate Fare?

IndiGo Corporate Fare is a program designed specifically for corporate travelers, offering discounted fares on domestic flights within India. The program is designed to help businesses save money on travel expenses while also providing a convenient and efficient travel experience.

How does IndiGo Corporate Fare work?

The IndiGo Corporate Fare program is easy to use. To qualify for discounted fares, companies must first register for the program. Once registered, companies can book flights for their employees and receive discounted fares on their bookings.

The discount percentage varies based on the number of tickets purchased and the fare type. Companies can avail of discounts of up to 10% on the base fare for up to nine passengers and up to 12% on the base fare for ten or more passengers.

Benefits of IndiGo Corporate Fare

IndiGo Corporate Fare offers a range of benefits to corporate travelers, including:

  1. Cost Savings: The program offers discounted fares, helping companies save money on travel expenses.

  2. Flexibility: Corporate travelers can book and modify their travel plans easily and conveniently, giving them greater flexibility.

  3. Priority Check-In: Corporate travelers registered with the program receive priority check-in, allowing them to save time at the airport.

  4. No Hidden Charges: IndiGo Corporate Fare has no hidden charges, ensuring that companies only pay for what they need.

  5. Dedicated Account Manager: Companies registered with the program receive a dedicated account manager who can assist with all travel needs.

How to Register for IndiGo Corporate Fare?

Registering for IndiGo Corporate Fare is easy. Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the IndiGo Corporate page and fill out the registration form.

  2. Once your registration is complete, you will receive a confirmation email with your Corporate ID.

  3. To avail of the discounted fares, you will need to provide your Corporate ID while making your bookings.


If you’re a corporate traveler or a business owner looking to save money on travel expenses, IndiGo Corporate Fare is an excellent option to consider. The program offers discounted fares, priority check-in, a dedicated account manager, and more, making it a convenient and efficient way to manage your business travel. To register for the program, simply fill out the registration form on the IndiGo Corporate page and start availing of the discounted fares today.

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