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Gomybos is India’s Leading B2B Travel Agent Portal since its establishment in 2017, Enabling Our Partners to Serve their Customers Efficiently with the Right Pricing. Gomybos sites is Your Perfect & Trusted Online Travel Partner.

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Gomybos is now known as Happy Safar India. Now, there is another way to get more profit for the travel agent with the direct airline and that is called Series Fare. At the current time, there are so many Travel Agencies that are using Series Fare. Series Fare is a pre-purchase ticket provided by the airline to the Travel Agency. The airline sells their future departure ticket to travel Agents at a current Rate. Now travel agents can sell this series fare after some days with a huge margin.

Happy Safar India is the best b2b travel agent portal where you can get the best rates on Series Fare. Series Fare is also known as Fixed Departure Fares or Group Fare.

If you are an Indian Travel Agent or want to start a Travel Agent Business then Happy Safar India is the best place where you can get all Travel Agent related solutions.

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